My love for tequila runs deep. I’ve always enjoyed spending free time with friends and family while sipping tequila. I wanted to create my own brand, but once I discovered Hiatus and learned about their commitment to quality, purity, and authenticity, which is what drew me to tequila in the first place, partnering with them was a no-brainer for me.

Kristopher DeSoto, Owner of Hiatus Tequila and I are seeking to redefine what a celebrity partnership should look like in the spirit industry. I have invested in Hiatus because of their commitment to crafting tequila the traditional way – with a deep respect for culture, hard work, and dedication to authenticity and quality at a superior price point.

Hiatus Tequila is inspired by tradition, with the intention to uphold the legacy of crafting tequila the way it was meant to be – bursting with clean agave flavors and aromas that are natural, robust, and expressive.

I can not wait for you to try one of the three expressions that we offer! Walk on to our tequila team and we will see you at the top!