There are those who live by a set of other people’s rules and expectations and there are those who decide that this world is their canvas and that they alone hold the paintbrush.  I have always been the type of person who never wanted to hurt feelings, never wanted to break rules, never wanted to be too much of an outlier.  But aren’t we called to be just that; an outlier?

IMG_5766I am by no means saying that you should live your life trying to go against people and offend them, but what if you truly didn’t care when you do?  It is inevitable that someone will be offended by what you’re doing, when you’re doing it and how you choose to do it.  We now live in an age in which everyone around us thinks they are entitled to insert their opinion into everything we choose to do.  The question is…will you listen?

Today is my brother Mathew’s birthday and I spoke to him this morning.  He was packing for a camping trip.  Now, a camping trip isn’t really out of the ordinary, but it reminded me of how carefree he is.  He is always doing exactly what he wants to do.  He works hard and lives his life right and he is always doing something that he loves.  He truly is living his dream. I can remember growing up with him; I was always driven by people’s expectations and what they said was right and wrong.  My brother on the other hand really did “march to the beat of his own drum” and I think that is something to be admired.  He never let people influence what he wanted to do and the way he wanted to live his life.  This makes me proud as an older brother.  It also inspires me and reminds me that we get one shot at this life, so why not make it exactly what we want.  My brother is doing very well for himself in his career and in real estate as well.  I truly believe that having the courage to not live by the expectations of others has really helped him have courage in his professional life and he is successful because of it.  So what would you try to accomplish if you knew nobody was examining your decisions with a fine-tooth comb?

I think if we start looking at life as if we aren’t going to be judged and patronized for our decisions, we can live a life of freedom and authenticity.  Afterall, when we are living a life governed by others, it truly isn’t a life on authenticity.  At the end of the day; with each and every decision you make – there will be opinions, there will be comments and there may even be hatred.  But if those things are inevitable, why is there any reason to acknowledge them?  As long as you are living your life right and trying the best you can to be a contribution to this earth and the people on it, what is there to be sorry about?  You WILL  hear their noise, so why not let it roll off your back? Choose to run your own race and make this life YOURS!

To Your Success,

Michael Chandler

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