I am prepared to lose. I am prepared for the pain and anguish that goes along with falling short. I am prepared to look back and have regrets. But, with that being said, I have never been more confident that I am going to win in my life. I have never been more ready to be locked into a cage with another man in front of tens of thousands in an arena and millions on Spike TV. But in order to seize the glory and accomplishment that I desire, I must dare greatly. Only by accepting the possibility of failure can I truly give myself permission to let go and fight my fight.

In order to finish this work I started years ago, I must chance the negative possibilities and embrace the uncertainty of the situation. I find most of us are battling the same battles in one way or another. Some of us are afraid to put ourselves out there in fear that we will be made fun of. Some of us are so afraid of failure that the paralysis of constant analysis stops us in our tracks and caps our true potential. But is it not more admirable to dare and fail than to never have dared at all? Is it not an accomplishment in itself to charge head first into challenges even though you might fail? Is the patron who has been a life-long sideline spectator not marred by the regrets of never knowing accomplishment nor failure because he refuses to dare?11 michael chandler v david rickels_3919

What is it you’re afraid of? When I approach a fight, there is a lot on the line. My health, my record, my bank account, my family’s future, my ego and much, much more are at least altered if not at stake…yet I fight anyway. I don’t ask this to gloat; but why is it that I am willing to risk public humiliation and possible bodily harm? I’ll tell you why; its because my life isn’t defined by the wins and the losses!

Win or lose, great performance or horrible one; my God still loves me, my family still loves me and I still love me. Isn’t this what it all boils down to? When you strip it all down to the nuts and bolts of life, if you have those three things, what do you have to lose? When this perspective is adopted, the fear of losing pails in comparison to the freedom of enjoying the opportunity to pursue things that you never thought were possible. The liberation from the pressure that goes along with feeling like losing is the end of the world produces the best version of yourself.

Can I say I am fearless going into a fight, absolutely not…but I sure am excited because win or lose, my God still loves me, my family still loves me and I still love me.

To Your Success,
Michael Chandler