Zig Ziglar, in my opinion is the single greatest symbol of leadership, excellence and integrity this world has ever seen.  There are hundreds of hours of resources that Ziglar has published and put out there for you and I to meditate on.  His audio and DVD series was given to me by my mentor Chris Patterson a few years ago and from the first minute of the first CD I felt myself growing dramatically.   I promise if you spend a few min a day, a couple hours a week, watching/ listening to/reading some of this man’s stuff, your life will be changed for the better.

Priming the pump is a metaphor for one of life’s greatest challenges: working hard enough, for long enough and enthusiastically enough so that you will achieve your goals.  I have found that it’s not that people don’t do the right things, it’s that they don’t do them for long enough.  Stay the course my friends…everything you have ever wanted to accomplish is right on the other side of hard work and perseverance.

To Your Success,

Michael Chandler