IRON MICHAEL’S MIND: COMING BACK FROM A LOSS Life is all about how you respond to setbacks and obstacles in your life.  How you bounce back from losses and bad performances will determine how much you achieve. 

IRON MICHAEL’S MIND: THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION I ask this one question to myself daily and it has really helped me see life in a new light.  This is my take on why I think so

IRON MICHAEL’S MIND: TIPS FOR ASPIRING MMA FIGHTERS I have been in the MMA game for a while now and I get asked questions about MMA all the time.  Here are a few tips I have for

IRON MICHAEL’S MIND: FAN QUESTIONS I get asked all the time how I explain that I am not a violent or angry person, since I fight for a living. People always assume that us

IRON MICHAEL’S MIND: THE IMPORTANCE OF A MENTOR AND SELF EDUCATION A few years ago, I met a man named Chris Patterson who is now my mentor and great friend.  My life has dramatically changed for the better since the

IRON MICHAEL’S MIND: Improve Confidence With A Mental Highlight Reel

“You have to be a legend in your own mind before you can be a legend in your own time.” -Jack Nicklaus A mental highlight reel was first introduced to

IRON MICHAEL’S MIND: Build Yourself Up Daily – Resource List

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily. -Zig Ziglar This may seem like a funny comparison(motivation and bathing), but

IRON MICHAEL’S MIND: FINDING INSPIRATION We all have different things that make us “tick,” what inspires one person may not necessarily move the next.  We have to find out what motivates and inspires us

IRON MICHAEL’S MIND: Weight Cutting and Weight Loss Tips In light of the UFC 192 news of Johny Hendricks not making weight, I figured I would share some weight cutting and weight loss tips that have helped me