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I Am Prepared To Lose…

I am prepared to lose. I am prepared for the pain and anguish that goes along with falling short. I am prepared to look back and have regrets. But, with that being said, I have never been more confident that I am going to win in my life. I have never been more ready to be locked into a cage with another Read more


“Champions believe in themselves even when nobody else will.” – Anonymous

We all know the basics; work hard and good things will happen. What I have learned over the last 12 years of competing at a high level both in college as a Division I wrestler and now a professional MMA fighter is absolutely invaluable. The competitor and overall man that the sports of wrestling and MMA have turned me into is one of the greatest blessings of my life. The lessons I have learned, the pain I have endured, the heartbreaks I have suffered and the absolute bliss I have encountered are all treasures that I keep near and dear to my heart. You see, most of the growth I have experienced is through things that would be universally considered by most as negative – immense pain, physical exhaustion, dehydration, lack of nourishment, lack of sleep because of lack of nourishment, missing out on Read more


Life is all about how you respond to setbacks and obstacles in your life.  How you bounce back from losses and bad performances will determine how much you achieve.  Life is a journey and its all about success, not perfection.  Your favorite world leaders, icons and movers and shakers throughout history have responded to setbacks as learning experiences and not let themselves get discouraged.  In the face of adversity, down in the valley, where most would lose hope, they found a way to make it out of the fog and into the light.  So can you, but its all about how you come back from a loss!


To Your Success,

Michael Chandler


I ask this one question to myself daily and it has really helped me see life in a new light.  This is my take on why I think so many people don’t achieve their full potential and I give tactics on how to change that.  These talking points and practices will hopefully take your game to a new level and help you get the most out of life in your constant pursuit for greatness.


To Your Success,

Michael Chandler

Entrepreneur Advice

This quick video has small snippets of extremely important advice from some of the most influential entrepreneurs today.  If we are going to start thinking bigger and be ready to innovate and influence the world like so many of the leaders in this video, we are going to have to start thinking like them.  If you can spot it, you got it….now watch this video, NO, STUDY this video and let a few of these nuggets resonate with you.  All of the men and women in this video have something to share with us, and I’m not just talking about the product or service they created, I am talking about the invaluable advice straight from these wealthy horse’s mouth.  Make today great!


To Your Success,

Michael Chandler


I have been in the MMA game for a while now and I get asked questions about MMA all the time.  Here are a few tips I have for aspiring MMA fighters.  I am sure I am biased in a lot of ways, but take bits and pieces of my advice and others to navigate your course through the hard, yet rewarding game of MMA.  I hope you enjoy, and always, make sure you comment on things you would like me to talk about next.

To Your Success,

Michael Chandler


I get asked all the time how I explain that I am not a violent or angry person, since I fight for a living. People always assume that us fighters are brash people, which I don’t think is an off the wall assumption.  So I explain my take on that and I also go into my four keys to recovering from workouts. I hope you enjoy, keep the questions and suggestions coming. Make sure you check out https://www.michaelchandler.com for more blogs, MMA & fitness tips, motivation and inspiration.

Fight Week November 4th

Get an inside look into one of my last training sessions before I take on Dave Rickels Friday November, 6th Live and Free on Spike TV. Mitts and a little light sparring with World Champion boxer Ray Beltran and wrestling drilling with the UFC #1 Welterweight Contender Tyron Woodley.

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